Intruder calls infallible not to ratify the unified national card law

It demanded the MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Vian Dakhil, President of the Republic Fuad Masum, not to sign and ratify the unified national card law, in order to bring it back to the House for consideration article 26 of it, because it is contrary to many of the articles in the Federal Constitution and contrary to the principles of public freedoms and freedom of belief substance ". It said in a statement today: "

We believe that the signing of infallible President on this law is a post from him in the oppression of the Iraqi minorities of non-Muslims, Calayzidiin and Christians, Mandaeans, so we hope that the President of the Republic in turn, in the Protection of the Constitution and are not allowed to pass any contrary it may Law It contributes to the rhythm of injustice and oppression on the state of the class of the Iraqi people. "

Intruder confirmed that "this law sparked a lot of concern and doubts sons of the Iraqi components of non-Muslims, and represents persecution least to them, and deprived them of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Iraq and guaranteed by the charters and norms and international, and that passed is the wrong message to the Iraqi minorities concerned as he was the wrong message to the international community ". The representatives of religious minorities in parliament demanded the abolition of paragraph 26 of the national law and the card for the nomination of the religion of the children.