Abadi Almaliki..hrb declared support religious references and Washington matched Tehran

​Follow-Iraq-Presse November -9: showed recent statements by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki depth of disagreement between the two men wrestling in a country facing many challenges. Informed sources revealed that al-Maliki will not only move to withdraw confidence from his opponent, but seeks a coup backed by the popular crowd militia owed his allegiance. Iraqi sources say that the tone of the dispute are higher with the release of the report alludes to the involvement of al-Maliki in the fall of Mosul, however Daash.

There were similar reports talk about the role of the Maliki government "suspect" in the waste of public money, and the massacre of Spyker and arms deals, and the deterioration of services, which prompted Balebadi to implement reforms "painful" long calculated figures on al-Maliki, is Odhiraa hidden him in the joints of the decision-making. Experts say that the dispute with the escalation of the worsening tone Abadi to criticize the previous government, as described in a press conferences al-Maliki as a "commander of necessity" in an ironic analogy brings to mind the character that was calling Saddam Hussein. Under this seller dispute, it emerged a hidden struggle within the Islamic Dawa Party, which belongs to arch foes.

According to local reports that members of the Dawa Party, has become barricade themselves on two fronts; one stands with al-Maliki, and the other tend to Ebadi, where the first runs the wing "hawks" and the leadership of the factions of the umbrella in the popular crowd, while standing alongside Abadi "dovish" wing of the number of symbols and political dignitaries.

Political analysts say that this situation threatens to result in a split in the ranks of the party, which is the most prominent political entity of Iraq's Shiites.

Iraqi sources predicted that al-Abadi soon announce his withdrawal from the Islamic Dawa Party, which has become an impediment to reforms.

Sources change course and that al-Abadi, who needs a framework partisan supporter of his, may resort rather than withdrawal, to the leadership of the dissident wing figures with the help of non-sectarian and intolerant of corruption is not involved.

While al-Maliki has the support of armed factions backed by Iran, his successor has the support of the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr, and the Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim, which means the complexity of interests.

Experts say that the conflict within the Dawa Party is not limited to Abadi al-Maliki, and reflects the religious references conflict, specifically between Najaf represented by Mr. Ali al-Sistani, and then reference represented by Ali Khamenei reference.

It is clear, according to experts, that the confidence of Tehran much less than his predecessor, al-Maliki Balebadi confidence, even if the political and religious circles most stringent in Iran and a man described as al-Abadi America in Iraq, after a statement calling on all neighboring countries, without exception, respect the sovereignty of his country.

In Moish Abadi frosty relationship with Iran, Tehran showed explicit support of the owners and was received by Khamenei once to topple him from the post of Vice President of the Republic, and accused him of involvement in the fall of Mosul.

Experts say that this conflict reflects a wider disagreement between the capitals of regional and international forces seeking to dominate the Iraqi decision making, especially Tehran and Oashentun.anthy