Oil: We seek to put forward a unified high-purity gas

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The Oil Ministry announced on Monday that it is seeking to put gasoline product by stable purity, explaining mixing gasoline importer local time in order to put high-octane fuel, while confirming the introduction of units to improve gasoline in Iraqi refineries.
Said Undersecretary for liquidation Dhia al-Musawi in an interview with local media and followed up 'obelisk' that 'the Ministry is seeking to put gasoline stable product when the number of octane Set', referring to 'the ministry mixing imported gasoline, which is the proportion of octane in which 95, with local product becomes Petrol in which high purity up to 90 octane '. Al-Moussawi said, that 'the ministry also seeks to improve the quality of gasoline at its refineries in terms of the introduction of some special units do, which is what happened to enter the unity of gasoline third in the Basra refinery, which improves the quality of gasoline from levels 80 octane to 94 octane', stressing that 'it It will reduce the amount of imported derivatives'. It is noteworthy that Iraq suffers from foot oil facilities, and seeks to fill the needs of oil derivatives and reduce import, especially in the fuel from gasoline through the construction of a number of refineries in Iraq and to the rehabilitation of the old ones.