Financial reserve in «safe position»

Chancellor Saleh {morning}: The government launches the development of a comprehensive process of . Baghdad - the morning - Alaa al-Tai within the national trends efforts to counter the financial crisis and support the productive sectors, the government has launched a comprehensive process of economic, industrial and agricultural development. The owner of this important step went Mali to borrow from the IMF and World Bank international, in addition to the funds a major economic countries to invest in profitable areas during 2016, especially as the actual talks about it began in the capital Amman on Monday. According to the economic and financial adviser to the Prime Minister Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh »Sabah», the government developed a vision for «interleave State-owned with the private sector companies in the current lending program », he returned them« a strong push »to revitalize the Iraqi economy, in addition to the agricultural sector development. and specify a valid period of 6 months from the start of the national development process for obtaining the results on the ground, which he said: It will yield financial returns
The Council of Ministers approved in October last draft federal budget for the 2016 law, the total expenses amounting to 106 trillion dinars and a projected deficit of more than 24 Trliuna.
He assured economic adviser citizens and investors that the Reserve Financial Iraqi in «safe position».
He also announced managed Iraqi Central Bank to provide liquidity up to 11 trillion dinars to banks for government lending for the current year, returned the launch of the 6 trillion dinars loans step will contribute to the development of the economy and move the market.
This in Baghdad, either in Amman, is being a senior government delegation headed by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari talks with senior The experts of the International Monetary Fund officials IMF to reach a memorandum of technical understanding on the Fund's surveillance program to strengthen public financial management and strengthen cash management and provide the stability of the financial sector in
the country.
In the context of connected, Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji promised in his statements on Sunday, provide three billion dollars annually the state through the implementation of the project to establish isolation units .