Mishan al-Jubouri: Returns 400 billion dinars Kthadat fake cover-up by Talal Zobaie

Said the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Mishan al-Jubouri, was "attributed 400 billion dinars to the state treasury was acted salaries retirement fakes in Salahuddin province," accusing the "previous government in the province and cover-Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity current Talal Zobaie." He said al-Jubouri, in his page on the social networking site [Facebook] "provided the state four hundred billion dinars annually were looted files retired fakes," noting that "a few months ago I applied for the presidency of the parliament, upping the signing of fifty deputies to host the President of the retirement body on the back of granting pensions to tens of thousands of violation of the law and those who do not deserve the pretext of their membership in the provinces and the province and district councils. " "It provided an example by giving 18400 people in Salah al-Din province, including [Khorasan and disabled and teenagers in eighteen years of age pensions that they procurators principals or aides two managers of what it costs the state more than four hundred billion dinars a year, I repeat, only in Salahuddin province more than four hundred billion dinars a year. "
He Jubouri, that "is responsible for this evil is the Salah al-Din Provincial Council in the previous session and a private boss [Ammar Yousef al-Samarrai] and director of the retirement of Salahuddin [Hamad slaves] who obtained the backlog of pensions from the date of enactment of the law until the moment of exchange amounting to more than half trillion dinars, yes, more than half a trillion dinars note that the maids was director of this department in the era of the former regime and continued reduction in management today. "
He pointed out that "To cover up this serious corrupting the head of the Integrity Committee Talal Zobaie Immediately after assuming the presidency of the Committee to host the President of the retirement body within the Commission to prevent hosted a session of the Parliament, but has not been me of updates to hosting so as not to offer my data I attended a coincidence and the majority with this to cover up The scandal because the prime retirement Makarem body bestows on the other and gives them what is not theirs by right and because it is powered by a parliamentary majority. "
"I did not despair, especially after the others arrange to meet with the President of the retirement body with the head of parliament, where I felt that the Mafia corruption, insisting to pick up this file, despite its gravity because some believe that what is happening is a benefit party achieved by the head of the provincial council for their children's cooperation retired maintain director and head of the retirement body and brought in to maintain a half trillion dinars annual pensions granted to the people of the province, a hair from the skin of the government !!. "
He said al-Jubouri, "suffered a wave of tribal pressures and contacts of the elders and dignitaries and politicians to leave this file with veiled threats, and my answer was that for all of his really in retirement would take is not right I will stop giving his salary and work on the accounting of the grant salary, and actually went to the Integrity Commission and submitted a Mande of Information and I recorded my words before them as an informant and witness before the competent court, too. "
He pointed out that "the pressures corrupt In order to Aharaja and put pressure on from more than 18 000 beneficiaries the retirement body off all the salaries of the beneficiaries and others and brought a semblance that the suspension has been under pressure and asked me, did not smolder or subjected to extortion Vamadat my job and I continued to follow up the file".
He argued, "What I want to say today that the Integrity Commission and after investigating all the files found that seventeen thousand people receiving pensions unlawfully and contrary to the law and were not members of the provinces and the province and district councils as claimed by the provincial council and promoted their transactions retirement circle in Salahuddin , and I worked on the re-launch of eligible salaries with their salaries for the period that were stopped and the referral of those involved to justice, and of course all of them have fled to Arbil and Jordan. "
He pointed out that "sudden that the official indictment did not include the head of the retirement body [Ahmed Abdul Jalil], although he primarily responsible for this evil that had cost the state four hundred billion dinars annually in Salahuddin province only, so I have provided to the state treasury four hundred billion dinars a year and got insults and threats from the beneficiaries contrary to the law and their relatives and their parties and their partners, a clear conscience, but I consider myself serve Iraq and its people. "
The MP pointed Jubouri that "the media blackout surrounding the case where no one wants to acknowledge what you've done and do not want to offend the President of the retirement body it is powered by a large parliamentary bloc!?, And remains the important question ?, if audit in Salahuddin province, file provided four hundred dinars billion a year? How many will provide audited if other provinces files? Is there anyone who will have the initiative to do the job that might cause trouble and problems for those who follow the investigation to the large number of spoilers who will be affected? ".