Chalabi before his death reveals corrupted files of the CBI

The Iraqi official revealed the late Ahmad Chalabi before his death several corruption files concerning the Central Bank in the case of smuggling billions of dollars out of Iraq, through fake financial firms and international banker emerging exhausted these billions from State coffers, according to the network "roodao".

She noted that the smuggling, which the CBI seems to be involved, led to the empty Treasury, economic projects and service crashes.

The network drew Kurdish Chalabi since he assumed the chairmanship of the Finance Committee in the Chamber of deputies present, "setting his sights revealed details of the dangerous file, especially foreign currency smuggling file".

And reported, the parliamentary official late succeeded already in cooperation with other members of the Committee and State officials collect hundreds of documents drafted a report, submitted by the Commission to other destinations, including the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies and the Government.

Chalabi said in one of the interviews, that "the economic situation is worsening and complicated, and there are serious consequences if not fix things quickly and my grandfather during the weeks to take bold decisions and change people and tackling corruption, and take action against waste of public money".

Chalabi then bore responsibility for the fallout from the collapse of the country's financial infrastructure of the former Government and Central Bank, described as "gangs" that control the market price, said that "because of the economic meltdown is a term from 2006 to 2014, where Iraq's income of $ 551 billion dollars, and the Government has imported a total of 115 billion dollars, while Central Bank sold to the NCB amount $ 312 billion.

He added that "this amount wasted (312 billion dollars) have been able to build cash reserves".

It is worth noting that Chalabi, Member of the House of representatives and Chairman of the Finance Committee, died Tuesday.

It is worth mentioning that Chalabi, a prominent opposition to Saddam Hussein, the American press described as a controversial personality, and Godfather of Iraq invasion in 2003, while it considered a creation of the United States, said writer ghaidion rose on the New York Times that Chalabi had personality more meaningful for the United States to Iraq.

Chalabi was born in Baghdad in 1945 of the most wanted of Saddam, as was required for the Jordanian judiciary on charges related to its management of Petra Bank.

He died at his home in the Kadhimiya district of northern Baghdad, at the age of 70 years, "the impact of cardiac arrest".