After inviting the President of the Council. Claims representative to activate the Constitution Amendment Committee

"Rule of law": the absence of political consensus hampers make Baghdad Osama success: Iraqi forces called on the Union to enable the Committee to amend the Constitution, stressing the importance of the constitutional amendments, with the State of law Coalition noted that the circumstances of the war and the absence of political consensus daash hamper these adjustments.
He was speaker of the House of Salim Al-jubouri called (19 October 2015) political blocs to nominate suitable figures to form a Committee to consider rewriting the Constitution to provide adjustable paragraphs.
The Deputy Minister confirmed the Union of Iraqi sajeda Mohamed, the importance of the Parliament passed constitutional amendments to a lot of articles that contain more than one interpretation creates great problems through legislation.
Mohammed said, speaking to the newspaper "new morning" that "a number of articles of the Constitution shall be interpreted in a lot of crashes or political attitudes and impede some of the steps", indicating that "some constitutional paragraphs written on the urgency and the need to modify and check to be abreast of events and actual applications of the legislation".

"The security and economic conditions are very difficult but we are obliged to proceed to enact the constitutional amendments and would need a long time to complete the required modifications after debate thoroughly after a referendum."
Said the State of law Coalition mp Abbas Al-Bayati said that "the Constitution needs to be amended, but there are great difficulties faced in the present circumstances", stating that "amending the Constitution until everyone but it is a difficult task in the absence of political consensus and the security situation."
Al-Bayati said the newspaper "new morning" that "the Constitution guarantees three stages of amending the Constitution begins with the formation of the Committee on constitutional amendments by the legislative authority after the completion of the amendment presented to the people for a referendum after the results of the referendum, which requires a two-thirds three provinces did not object to accept."
Member State Law said that "the constitutional amendments needed to agree the political blocs", noting that "incompatibility will not allow a referendum and will remain stalled," Noting that "Parliament began the first step and is working on forming and after the constitutional amendments be considered contentious points that hinder the referendum."
And said Parliamentary Deputy Turkmen front Hassan Turan, the "House at the two previous sessions failed to make any amendment to the articles of the Constitution and the political blocs failed to finalize the amendment."
Tauran said the newspaper "new morning" "article 142 of the Constitution obliges the House formed a small Committee to make some amendments to the Iraqi Constitution, the vote on each article requires two thirds of the members of the House of representatives and then subjected to a public referendum to decide the people's opinion on the constitutional amendments."

He stressed that "this action represents the spirit of the Constitution and by the goal setting and is in the interest of the people and the State, and is in line with the objectives of the reforms that we all want to achieve so that Parliament has sought in recent days to activate the role of the Committee to amend Iraq's Constitution which would start soon to achieve tasks demands the masses calling for reform of the Constitution, amended in line with the aspirations of the Iraqi Street and achieve its objectives."