Tomorrow. Deputies discuss balancing 2016

Detecting placeholder for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Qader Muhammad, included deputies to discuss federal budget bill for the year 2016 in the agenda of the Parliament session Tuesday. EU website on Muhammad as saying: ęthat the House would hold a regular meeting on Tuesday to conduct the first reading of the draft budget law for the year 2016, adding: "the Bill reached the House a week ago. The parliamentary Finance Committee received special budget in the House of representatives, and a number of ministries. Referred to, that the parliamentary Finance Committee revealed on Tuesday the arrival of balancing 2016 to Parliament Commission, stating that he "will be a first reading after the transmission to the Commission next week. The parliamentary Finance Committee had earlier called on the Cabinet to adhere to legal time limit for the submission of the budget for the year 2016 to deputies. And Financial Committee reaffirmed its keenness to study public budget to achieve economic goals, and provide redress for all segments of Iraqi society. It is noted that the Cabinet had approved in its session on 13 September 2016 budget bill totaling 106 trillion dinars, and the inability of some 23 trillion dinars.