Reform in people's eyes. Hussein stood in the face of increasing!! ... Reform in world politics. Hussein in logos, processions and slapping

Iraq today/special continue political asylum to tongue papillae buffing. Shine repair according to the mood of the players in the Parliament who move on remote control "the beloved leader of necessity", the leader of necessity, still alive and held after 2003 policy teams, many plastic surgeries!

Mp State of law Coalition-khawla Amit, determined its position on reform and protests: "I stand with the demands of the masses and honest religious reference in repairs, and lift the country out of the current situation", as the saying goes: (properly yavrhah), the mp reveal determinants to the newspaper. To stand by the protesters. Those that might undermine the position stand KAN: "we are with the religious reference in the continuity of reforms, with the Government in its implementation, in accordance with the law and the Constitution, guarantee, service to the country and its people", then try the Deputy Law, shielding the recognition in the Constitution.

Ride parties. Is the opponent and the referee, that unevenness on what is known. Parking religious reference next to the protesters: "the position of the religious reference, constant reforms and fight against corruption which has become an important national necessity, pushing the country to a better reality", we must dear reader of remind, that: "certified religious reference in Karbala, Abdel Mahdi karbalai,-had called on the legislature to not take unnecessary aspects Constitutional and legal reforms, an excuse to circumvent the reforms ", in a speech Friday to the saucer Husseini Karbala-6 of our current:" I've been stressed from the outset that the reforms are going in the paths, not by constitutional and legal frameworks, but stressed that does not take the necessary constitutional and legal aspect taken into account by the legislature, an excuse to circumvent the reforms, exploited, to undo popular pressure at this time ", House, yakaraena, was" a sound decision in the second this month, reaffirms its support for the reforms in accordance with the Constitution, consistent with the aspirations of the people, and deny the resurrection, delegate any of its powers Any legislative Executive hand ", calling:" all authorities to observe their work in accordance with the Constitution ", and the State of law Coalition, jump to the head of the Iraqi Parliament's mouth-Salim al-Jabouri, where he welcomed:" invite religious authority-Ali to comply with government reforms to the Constitution, the law, review special privileges that had been approved during the previous parliamentary sessions ", which also came to head the official House-avy :

"To invite the religious reference, support for parliamentary reform, and should not contradict the Iraqi Constitution that was Mr. Sistani from the first Egyptians to write and vote on it in???? M ", not too formal blowjob llgbori, referring to the intentions of the House speaker's visit to Najaf:" that the House speaker to visit Najaf to discuss religious response to his call, opinions, urging the opening of mosques and places of worship for the displaced, and displaced persons with a view to accommodating these adverse weather conditions experienced by Iraq and the region, in addition to meeting with leaders and leadership in Central and southern Iraq, with the aim of supporting national reconciliation efforts ".