Secrets of meeting with religious references Abadi in Najaf. The manifestations and goals

Political editor was not the President's visit to Najaf-Abadi and religious meeting where the coincidence or blessing extent reflect one of the most important addresses political and economic challenges, financial and security transition Government and Iraq war devastated daash!!.

President Abadi had to meet teachers and higher education class in the country for a discussion on salary or talk about "austerity fiscal and policy» tuck tummies because war costs and lower the price of a barrel of oil but when he meets a religious matter into different deep content and image problem and maybe go to Najaf to avoid disaster, he wants some and they are about to go to the country into the unknown. Abbadi Najaf comes to seek advice and put references in the form of deep challenge to the country's not going into the unknown.

And without featuring «challenge» political weight alleviation come visit and talks with President references the bones to confirm that some respondents «escalation fixes» began he constitutional mechanisms and the text the Assembly with a view to overthrowing the Government and introduction of Iraq into the unknown because it would get rid of the Government Al-Abbadi salvation and reform packages and free from prosecution and forfeiture of offices and sites, palaces, money and maximum depositions of potential Iraqi State over 12 years from now!.

President Abadi went to Najaf to religious authorities say that the reforms initiated by the Government will not stop and hit "and had begun to collide with big heads and major corruption sites and spiritual support is required to continue the hand change to ensure continued political support by political parties and blocs in order to ensure effective public sympathy finally angry at the corruption of previous Governments and large queues of morbid development of «political» money!

Available information that President Abadi began groping next threat to the interests of economic and political reform in the country by a long line of (CDs) and arranges Government House by meeting the spiritual leaders of the references in the political process as he met Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, head of the sadrist Bloc leader free and says that the original purpose of the visit to ensure the continued legitimacy of the Government to renew the era of political legitimacy that moved a year ago from now, and the considerable efforts made by Mr. Imam Ali Sistani for broad government building Spectrum Prime Minister enjoys the acceptability of national.

Abbadi visited Najaf before reaching a drop with the torrent moving to withdraw confidence from the base of the conditions the Government President on the pretext of adoption of standards in offset and overthrow and cancellation concerning the posts of President and perhaps this visit put central building blocks that they Government Supreme Auditor Abadi legitimacy through the origin and the success of the visit by the contents of the meetings both parties unless received by the Government before!

Actually you can't think even the origin of the idea of no-confidence on the Government's justification for the abolition of the posts of the President, but aides to President Abadi found spiritual support for his decision to cancel those positions!

The visit succeeded in renewing the Government's legitimacy and it lingers despite all political speech with confidence and perhaps choose a President visited Najaf and meet top references intended to signal that the Government not take from its legitimacy from the well shouting Government tense» and the threat of withdrawal of confidence but of legitimacy receive references and the fact that Najaf is still open to Abadi and his Government as closed, in others for many years, "Najaf at the end of the base cause» previous Governments.

In practice the Government persisted and increased survival power of desire almergabat President Supreme in the modern level that connects the country's future and the future of a Government faced with corruption and reforms and war daash strongly and will great future presence of high positions in the Iraqi State.