Baghdad/Iraq News Network-member parliamentary Committee on integrity rebwar Taha, body integrity responsibility reluctance to refer the spoilers to the courts and holding them accountable

Taha said at a press briefing Thursday: "there are a lot of corrupt files but unfortunately slow not real actions", adding "we in the Commission on integrity, we presented a lot of files to the integrity Commission." However "but unfortunately their actions and implementation of the integrity Commission had not seen accurately." and continued "this foot-dragging on accounting procedures and referred to Iraqi courts" corrupt the religious reference, Through its representative in Karbala, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi karbalai, on 9 October, the integrity Commission that "don't delay too long to disclose senior corrupt files and transmit them to the judiciary", stressing that "the judiciary is strong and does not flatter and not favour anyone and is not subject to any pressure from any quarter whatsoever".