Sources: Abadi rejects a request for the return of Al-Maliki Qasem Soleimani Vice President

Story sources, reported Sunday that Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi finally rejected an Iranian request direct campaign Commander "Qods" in charge of the Iraq file Qasem Soleimani, undo the sackings Maleki as Vice President of the Republic, and Russian troops refused the request response air strikes inside Iraq to hit sites "daash", indicating that this refusal justified the media and political attack on the leader of the Government in recent week

Khepri report published in "life" and I followed the twilight news, though Abbadi, was snubbed during his visit to Najaf today, Supreme religious leader Ali al-Sistani, has witnessed the visit meetings with three religious references in addition to Muqtada al-Sadr, and coincided with the visit of the President of Parliament Saleem Al-jubouri, and revealed a new momentum to efforts to form a political front "transitory communities" to support reforms.

The daily said that Abbadi tries by Thierry Amar al-Hakim, Sadr, and Sunni leaders, like his watering place, earning heavy interest, parliamentary reforms, reflected in the support of 250 deputies among the 328, managed the front led by the former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and Iranian support, to reproduce the previous Government, won about 70 seats, and seeks to overthrow Al-Abadi.

Stream leader praised Sadr, Moqtada al-Sadr during his meeting with Al-Abbadi on Thursday the last reforms, said "substantial reform touched him all the security and political aspects

Abadi called on all political forces to unite to confront "daash" and other challenges of the financial and economic crisis.

He met Prime Minister before meeting with Al-Sadr in Najaf, three references, separately, they are Mohammed Saeed Hakim, Bashir al-Najafi and Mohammed Isaac Al-Fayad, said the meetings focused on the importance of the formation of a broad political front to pass political reforms proposed by Al-Abadi.

Sources close to the Prime Minister stated that the latter seeks to up the number of seats on this front to at least 200, with Sadr and Hakim, streams and a strong Sunni group, plus part of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc.

The sources noted that the pressures faced by Abbadi, necessitated its pursuit that enjoys the support of Sistani directly, especially if the front opposing him, led by Al-Maliki and includes the MPs on "rule of law", backed by a group of "armed Shiite factions with influence in political decision-making, finally expanded its attempts to overthrow the Government".

The sources have denied because of political differences now sought Abadi to exclusivity, saying the case involves two different philosophies of governance, one need to engage fully in the file "quadruple Alliance" (Iraq, Syria and Iran and Russia), regionally and internationally, in the hope of expanding the Alliance, and curtailing the ability of Washington to influence political decisions and military.

The second philosophy considers need not involve Iraq in an international conflict primarily Syrian crisis.

Iraqi Parliament Speaker was Selim Jabouri visited Najaf on Saturday to attend the celebration, but met with the clan close to Sistani, Maliki visited at the same time, the nearby city of Karbala, to meet leaders in the crowd.