The Interior consistent with Council Baghdad get rid of militarization of society

2015-11-09: the Ministry of the Interior, agreed Sunday, along with the Baghdad provincial Council to form joint committees to get rid of the militarization of society and leave traditional security aspects, as emphasized on strengthening the rule of law and to eradicate terrorism, crime and security management. Baghdad provincial Council said in a statement that "Baghdad provincial Council head Riad biting back, met with Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Yu to discuss files of mutual interest and enhancing cooperation between local government in Baghdad and the Federal Interior Ministry in combating terrorism, organized crime and achieve security and stability in the streets of Baghdad and to spare civilians and their property". The statement added that "the provincial Council congratulated the Minister of the Interior and the popular crowd and army and the recent triumphs of the clans", stating that "the meeting saw discussion of ways of lifting capacity of Moi and to prepare for the transfer of the security file in Baghdad from the army to the Interior Ministry," the statement said, that "the two sides agreed on the rehabilitation of police stations and the expansion of services in the field of documentary and standardized service and the formation of joint committees and completed all requirements to work as quickly as possible and get rid of the militarization of society and leave traditional security aspects and the adoption of modern and advanced methods in Maintain the security and stability of the capital, "the statement said, that" the two sides stressed the need for cooperation and contribute to the serious and continuing high pace to eliminate cases of kidnapping and theft of night ". Recalls that security conditions in Baghdad, strained since mid-2013, UN Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) (2nd of November 2015), killing and wounding more than 1700 Iraqis last month, violence occurred in regions of the country.