Remarks by politicians Kurds in the Middle East to research "Miri"

Barzani affirms the right of territory by selling oil and independence, Saleh emphasizes internal reforms will put Barzani of Kurdistan under oil "control" Baghdad renewed President of the Kurdistan Regional Government nechirvan Barzani, refusing to put the territory under oil "control" the Baghdad Government, but expressed his Government's readiness to engage Baghdad in export operations and selling oil "transparent", but refused to describe the Kurdistan oil policy by "unsuccessful", stressing the right of Kurdish independence.
Barzani said in his speech at the Forum "Mary" that "there is a new stage has begun in Iraq and we need to begin a serious dialogue to resolve the problems between the region and the Centre", noting that "the right of Kurds for independence but Baghdad is the main partner of Kurdistan and no decision will be taken in future will be to understanding with them".
Barzani added that "our oil is not failed and we were able to build a solid foundation in this area", saying "we don't accept our status under the control of Baghdad, but we are ready to engage in export operations and the sale of oil in all transparency".

Invalid: the need for reforms to the "real" in Kurdistan agencies: Deputy Secretary of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Saleh, the need for reforms to the "real" in the Kurdistan region, indicating that the Middle East future changes to "large".
Saleh said in his speech at the Forum "Miri" held in Arbil that "Kurds have squandered many opportunities during the last stages of the historical" which imposes opportunities looming on the horizon and solve their problems in the region for the next big changes, stressing the need for "internal reforms in preparation for the next phase".
Middle East Foundation Research (Mary), based in Erbil, is newly created organization focused on political issues concerning the people, land and governance in the Middle East in General and Iraq in particular.

The Islamic Group is demanding the return of "change" the Kurdistan Islamic Group Emir called on باپير, President of the Kurdish Parliament and MDC Ministers to their posts quickly, to address crises of Kurdistan.
باپير said "to resolve the crisis afflicting the region, speaker of Parliament and the Ministers of four to change their positions to perform their duties. In order to ease the situation must stop media campaigns between political parties ".

The Islamic Union presents three options for the ala'an Islamic Union Mohammed Ullah, the Government promised to improve economic conditions in the territory if the Kurdistan oil were sold independently but delayed salaries exacerbated and arrived four months, pointing to a paralysis of legislative and executive institutions.
Faraj noted that there are now three options, the first is acceptance of the paralysis of the legislative and executive institutions currently the dependent on the resolve of the Government and early elections, with the continuation of the work of the current Government and Parliament, and the third is to return to the negotiating table and solve the problems.

Urgent: parties are the decisions the Government allowance of the Vice-President of the Kurdistan kobad Talabani, things in the region are mixed, noting that party in territory outside Government representing the Government and issued decisions instead.
Talabani said "there is no coordination and cooperation between the party and the Parliament and the Government", adding that each party knows and duties and tasks implemented, stressing that no override and do business planning, policies, and that is the duty of the party policy and create good cadres to provide services to the community.