Savannah: Abadi failed in his duties and looking for support

Roodao leadership in Baghdad described the State of law mp Kazem Sayadi, Sunday 8-11-2015, Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to Najaf as "justification for failure", while noting that Abbadi looking for "support".

Han said in a press statement obtained by roodao media network "that Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi failed to lead Iraq and eliminating corruption within the political, security and system administration, so looking for support for his survival on the reference position".

He said Sayadi "the aim of the visit of Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi on Thursday to Najaf to justify failing to lead Iraq and eliminating corruption within the political, security and system management either surrounded or managed by the Government, in addition to the search also support".

Han added that "Al-Abbadi supported reference earlier, important things and articulated, but unfortunately he walked towards different Abadi and not to open corrupt files or diagnostics are corrupt and bring them to justice," adding that "reference Spurs Abadi to take bolder steps and make real changes".

The Attorney said the Islamic Union of Kurdistan, Adel Noori roodao media network "that Kazem Sayadi and his ilk they follow to Nouri al-Maliki and their goal of those remarks, Haider Al-Abadi and Government back Al-Maliki to power".

Nouri said, "we, as Kurds, Sunni Arab MPs also hold Government Haidar Al-Abbadi will not support a second time to return Al-Maliki to power, and Savannah State law only aim, Haider Al-Abadi Government to back Al-Maliki to power".

Nouri said "we support don't show that we do not have Al-Abbadi notes on Abadi or accept the performance but we have many questions to Abadi but say that Abbadi the best of Maliki".