A new shipping line between Iraq and the UAE will change the course of navigation between East Asia and Europe

Studying Iraq with UAE in cooperation with Arab bridge company, the possibility of implementing the project to extend the shipping line starts from Jebel Ali in the UAE port of Umm Qasr in Basra in southern Iraq and the expected deal that would change the course of Arabic liner linking East Asia with Europe.
Spokesman for Iraqi ports co. NET's Tigers (range), that "after the 2003 Iraq gradually opened to Arab and World Ocean, has seen commercial traffic terminals can be described as a good why to rehabilitate and build sidewalks and other infrastructure to be ready for the great momentum that registered highest after 10th of June last year when it closed the border crossings in the North and West of Iraq".
NET said that "the importance of Iraq strategic maritime location for the States of the region were Arab bridge maritime company, the idea of establishing a shipping line linking a Gulf with Iraq directly and be free of window on the world", stating that "the UAE signed check Arabic being today the Mall and carrier of goods from East Asia to Europe for short routes that were going through the Suez Canal, the Cape of good hope and others.

NET that he said "the agreement between the company and the United Arab Emirates and Iraq concluded a direct shipping line from the ports to the ports of Iraq southwards, there is also an ongoing agreement with the UAE and transport Abel held more talks with delegation who visited the ports of Basra and see the possibilities that were welcome at all", it is likely that next year the navigational line after creating all the necessary action to make it a success.
Spokesman Al Iraqi ports to "line will use Arab bridge company ships to ships of other States where companies will load cargo from the ports of UAE and specifically from the Jebel Ali port bound for the port of Umm Qasr, which was chosen because of the larger ports for sidewalks and more depth than the rest of Iraqi ports".
And drew the net to "select one of the quays in the port of Umm Qasr to be ready for that project, and then unload those trucks that will be (truck filled with goods free of composite command) and then it is linked to a vehicle driving directly towards Jordan or Turkey and then to the Arab States and Europe".
And the Arab bridge maritime company is the result of an agreement between the Governments of (Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq) was founded in November of 1985, with a paid-up capital of (6) million, divided equally between the three countries, the Foundation, and has been raising capital several times to arrive in 2013 to 100 million dollars.

For his part, said retired Navy Captain Khalil Gosse in an interview (range), the "activation navigation planned between Iraq and the UAE will have an economic impact on countries that where an acronym for time and financial values paid for transportation, noting that States, businesses and even consumers looking today for cheap and easy ways to move goods and this is usually via air freight but those where large amounts, so they resort to sea is the last solution." he added that Visual "create this line will change Features course of the usual sea routes there will be navigational movement and big business and could imagine it will affect somewhat the rest of the ports in Egypt and Iran and other States across the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. "he, that" Iraqi ports in Basra last year received a naval unit 2602 (Steamboat) and the payload exceeded 15 million tons, provided funds for the Iraqi State over the 55 million dollars, which is good. "and the optical decay that" provides the navigational line with UAE more 110 million dollars a year for the State of Iraq. "said Marwan Al-Rasheed company owner incantations of port management (private company) told (range), that" the port of Umm Qasr Pat receives most imports to Iraq from neighboring countries and Europe especially after cargo shifted from the Western and northern ports to the South by the regions of armed operations ", stating that" this transformation has not stopped or slowed down work at Umm Qasr port or other ports because of their large size and expansion There has been during the past three years. "he noted Rashid that" port of Umm Qasr, according to our data, which got an increase in the number of ships coming to about 18 percent in the past seven months as record note good over this port ", emphasizing the run line (UAE-Iraq) liner would be a qualitative leap for shipping companies and importers because it will save them considerable amounts and time."

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