Experts: staff salaries in dollars "deliberate economic sabotage"

Economists warned on Sunday of a disbursement of salaries in dollars instead of the dinar, saying that the move represented a "deliberate sabotage of the country's economy" because of failure to apply strict laws for buying and selling foreign currencies.

The Economist said Abbas Ibrahim Al-bahadili said in an interview for (term), "process payroll for State employees in dollars would choke the market through complicates channels of supply and demand and worsening cash crisis of lack of liquidity".

He added that "the Central Bank is directly responsible for the movement of foreign currency both domestically and externally, and there are laws saying that specifies the controls to how to buy and sell currencies through daily currency auctions".
He described Al-bahadili proposed that "a clear and explicit to sabotage the country's economy by making bilateral currency market for staff without other citizens who don't make their living mainly on government resources and representing a significant number of its forces".

He explained that "the solution is to cancel the auction of the Bank and the Government to shoulder the entire time not exceeding three months, possibly high exchange rate to 1500 dinars to the dollar, but certainly will settle after the new market data".
The "illegal traders and mafia corruption is dominant and caught in the threads of the Iraqi market and especially the operations of buying and selling dollar and it is the duty of the Executive branch of the State of activation of laws without regard to the source that caused the demolition of the national economy".
He noted Al-bahadili to "having a few brokers will benefit from the proposal through the monopoly currency market and escalating market speculation and control the country's financial capabilities".
Said economist Mohammed Abdel Latif al-ANI said in an interview for (term), "domestic market depend on daily dealings on Iraqi currency without the need for other currency confusion may occur for consumer prices needed by citizen continuously".
He added that "Government accountable citizens placing urgent and accurate solutions to remedy the shortage of liquidity through currency outlets control and preventing smuggled out of the country".

Al-Ani said "ask so without ideas studied thoroughly and the extent of the negative repercussions on the reality of the Iraqi economy may cause sudden market contraction causes movement stopped the market already troubled".
The "different natural resources beside oil sales, contribute significantly to the perpetuation of classical market movement of civil factories and plants in addition to different professions, which are a fundamental pillar in the development of the economy of the country".
He noted that "the Central Bank auction is one of the major hindrances to the Iraqi economy as a way of work characterized by plenty of suspicions, so the Government should establish strict standards for foreign currency flows out of the country".
He said ANI that "showing the dollar through Bank adopted the correct exit is not monopolistic entities that worked in previous years to distort the financial market even reached the status of disability in the provision of liquidity".
She was a member of Parliament's Economic Committee, Nora albegari, suggested Friday (19 June 2015) staff salaries in dollars instead of dinar in order to avoid the dollar rising again, with the Central Bank action was described by "timid".