Political blocks: Chalabi files extremely dangerous and warn against delay investigation

Confirmed the formation of a Parliamentary Commission for the follow-up of documents published by the range *** *** *** *** described political blocs Sunday, documents started (range) published by "task" and "dangerous" and called on the Executive and the judiciary to widespread investigation files prepared by the Chairman of the Finance Committee prior to his departure, Ahmed Chalabi.
Some blocks revealed the intention of Parliament to form a Committee to investigate the corruption files auction dollar currency smuggling through fake companies and other corrupt, alluded to a connection between the death of Chalabi and the disclosure of these documents.
(Range) began Saturday the deployment files corruption in Government, which had intended to national conference leader, the late Ahmad Chalabi, exposed to public opinion, and posted a new one in number today, a money transfer companies that deal with the CBI, despite not being registered in the Ministry of Commerce.
Mp Mohammad Al-karbouli, a member of the Federation, Parliament's intention of forming an investigative Committee to reveal doubts about the assassination of Ahmed Chalabi and the investigation of the documents disclosed.

Karbouli said, in an interview for (range), "Chalabi has important files and this gives us an indication of open file on money smuggled in particular Central Bank file transfer through banks of eligibility", noting that "the House investigative Committee will be to follow the file corruption uncovered by Chalabi and uncertainties behind the assassination and beneficiary of that".
And head block parliamentary solution to "Chalabi acknowledged Parliament Speaker full dossier on corruption cases. There are fingers of accusation indicates involvement of mafia in the assassination after its intention to open the files of corruption ", calling for" the Government to move and interest in the subject ".
Said mp Mohammed arrive, Member of State of law coalition in an interview (range), that "there are a lot of Iraqi money went through the money-laundering and the country is going through difficult circumstances", describing the documents published by the Foundation () b "task".
He said the authorities of the "publication of documents should be verified that the crowd and religious reference", stating that "what the income from Iraq's imports since 2004 now reached 710 billion dollars and if we assume that half of the salaries of the rest should be spent on services and this was found on the ground".
He called the State of law coalition member to "form a Commission to uncover the fate of money which came to Iraq, where I went and punish spoilers", saying "the presence of so many corrupt people are hailed in the judiciary, legislative and Executive".
By contrast, mp Jawad Al-Bolani, Chairman of the parliamentary Economic Committee, that "the documents concerning the files of corruption raised by the late National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi, extremely dangerous, because it is linked to the country's economy".
Bolani, warned in an interview with the (range), that "the severity of procrastination this documentation walmmalth this file and not taking a serious approach to the future of the Iraqi economy".

The Chairman of the parliamentary Economic Committee that "this file as long as the interest of the specialized committees in the House and the regulatory and inspection Chambers", pointing out that "the real needs of the country in a day of hard currency, much less presents and fake bills purchased through exaggerated estimates".
Called the National Alliance mp regulators and authorities to "seriously follow up these files and use foreign consulting firms to address these implications".
For its part, called block citizen concerned with the follow-up of the files of corruption raised by the late National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi and take necessary actions.
An inch, said leadership in citizen's block (range), that "the late Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi Economist witty, recently of his life there were many corruption files without having precise information and documents on this matter has caused the media to become the first target in Iraq".
He added an inch "was the Government's cooperation with Chalabi, seeking to expose all corrupt files that caused waste of public money for the Iraqi people, as the Government had to take into consideration what Chalabi on corruption occur before his death".
And student leadership in mass citizen "concerned the integrity and authority of the prosecution and the integrity Commission in the Chamber of deputies to do their part by getting all the files raised Chalabi for follow up and to take the necessary measures", adding that "detecting corrupt files and prosecute corrupt must step Abadi that is bound by the other, particularly as it relates to waste of public money that brought the country to the bad economic situation".
The Attorney said Masood Haider, in an interview with the (range), that "the Government pursue corrupt files and documents submitted by the Finance Committee", adding that "the Committee made a number of those files to the integrity Commission".
He said Haider, a member of the Finance Committee headed by Chalabi, "the Commission put important files such as currency auction and licensing and bank credit tours to Iraq, and other important files through official letters, to the Government and the judiciary to follow up these files".

Kurdish mp called for the "perpetrators of these files and that these files are monitored by the Government because it is their responsibility to provide those involved to trial".
In his turn, stressed avy, Media Advisor to the speaker of the House told (range), that "the documents concerning the files of corruption raised by the late National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi, are part of the archive of the Finance Committee, which was headed by", noting that "files are in the parliamentary Finance Committee and not the late deal with Chalabi as his personal property".
Khafaji added that "Chalabi has repeatedly said the presence of these files on the Finance Committee, and expressed the Commission's intention to pursue both doubt their relationship".
And the speaker of the House of representatives aide that "the duty of the parliamentary Finance Committee will now continue to look at those documents and other files related to combat corrupt and support reform in Iraq".