Iraq and Russia are discussing the possibility of signing a memorandum of understanding in the field of livestock and biological safety

Follow-up/Iraq today welcomed livestock Adviser in the Ministry of agriculture, Hussein Ali Saud observation delegation of Russian agricultural (Alexei alksiino) and his entourage, and the desire to raise the level of cooperation between the two friendly countries, livestock and biological safety.

This came during a meeting with his Ministry, Saud agriculture delegation in the presence of Annie Mohamed Hassan, Director General of the Department of planning and follow-up, a number of experts expressed satisfaction with counsel. to this step, hoping Iraq's willingness to cooperate with Russia in federal areas needed by pointing out "that the Ministry had cooperated with Russia in the area of Federal Veterinary vaccines, as suggested by the Russian health certificates sent to the Iraqi side by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a view to its examination by the veterinary service, stressing that this Certificates of recognition by the competent international organizations, including the oie ". for his part, the head of the Russian delegation showed willingness to provide services in the field of livestock and production of veterinary vaccines, a proposal to invite the Iraqi specialists to visit Russia and laboratory analysis equipment for the production of meat and fish, he also asked the Iraqi side provided with the list of the Ministry needs and specifications required by the Ministry, in the hope of signing a memorandum of understanding between the two countries. mentioned that technical agent for the Ministry of agriculture, Mahdi dhamad Al-Qaisi had met the Russian delegation at the Ministry of agriculture At the Baghdad international fair in the forty-second session