Justice denies's , guests acquisition of Mobile Phones, ADSL

He denied the official spokesman of the Ministry of Justice Haidar al-Saadi, Sunday, the existence of an assault on a prisoner Ooaguetnaihm for mobile phones and Internet networks, indicating that the health status of all guests in good condition and came through the relevant committees formed by the ministry to follow up on the health situation in the prisons.
He said al-Saadi's / scales News /, said that "the ministry is the formation of health committees in cooperation with the Human Rights Office in the Ministry to follow up the cases of guests", he underlined that "the ministry did not register any aggression inside Iraqi prisons and there is follow-up to all cases without exception."

He stressed that "the lack of smart phones or Internet network used by guests," pointing out that "in the event of proven this thing official will be punished for his expulsion from work and punish the prisoner according to the law."

He added, "All prisons do not suffer from the problems of a controlled situation fully."

This revealed a specialized center to monitor prison conditions in Iraq, for "allow the judicial authorities to the prisoners acquisition of smart phones and laptop computers, while providing Internet service to them, where allowed them to manage sites and electronic accounts specializes mostly inciting violence" .bhsp Matdolth some of the media. Ended 29 / W 23