Kirkirk province slowed investment company months to overcome the mistakes of construction

Management announced the province of Kirkuk, Sunday, for the grace of the project implementing company mall and hotel amid the province one month to correct technical errors, which coincided with the implementation of the building structure. He said the technical aide to the governor of Kirkuk, Ali Hammadi: The draft mall and hotel Kirkuk, which is being implemented in the lobby of the municipal previous site, which was transmitted years ago to an investment company in the province, and during the implementation of construction structure technical errors have emerged in the implementation of the second phase resulted in the fall of parts of the private building columns (poured concrete), and formed a committee of inquiry to stop on this matter and identify the causes. He said Hammadi, that the administration of the province and the Commission gave the company executing one month to re-correct the errors and proceed to the application of the conditions to be implemented according to the contract signed between them and the Investment Authority of Kirkuk. Hamadi confirmed, that the projects carried out in Kirkuk by the investment companies are all carried out under specific conditions by the Investment Authority, and we have committees formed by the competent departments in its monitoring on a regular basis. The company executing the project mall and hotel Kirkuk, the center of the province witnessed the fall of a number of columns that adopted in the second floor because of technical errors in casting Alasmonah columns by it, which to the formation of a committee by the administration of the province and the Investment Authority to follow up on the project. 8%A9-%D8%B4%D9%87%D8%B1%D8%A7/