Iraqi ports receive 100 steamer ship, unity and freedom during the past month

General Company of Iraqi Ports of the Ministry of Transport announced the reception sidewalks ports in Basra in October of last month, more than 100 vessel and ship unit freely. The press spokesman of the General Company for Ports of Iraq on behalf of Anmar net in a statement seen by the agency of our economy news, the Iraqi ports received over the past month, 105 ships and tankers and marine units of various nationalities such as Panama, Iceland, Liberia, Tanzania and Singapore, as well as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan. He that ships and marine units were loaded with food such as sugar and rice, as well as the ration card items, cars, equipment and pipelines as well as material of gasoline, gas oil and dust of iron, and expected that the witness ports during the last two months of this year, the arrival of preparation doubling of ships business, stressing the continuation of the company's development plans for various areas in order to make way for the adoption of trade investment and co-operating systems for most of the projects operations.