Council of Ministers: the formation of a ministerial committees to review the rent and sale of real estate State

Instructed the Council of Ministers to adopt a new mechanism in the evaluation of real estate State and the Green Zone, home to senior officials, where the form of two committees and Zareeten Aaliti level Ttulan the functions of a comprehensive survey and re-evaluate the real review of the contexts and controls private ownership and rent. An official source in the prime minister during their satellites statements to the press agency of our economy News that the council instructed the formation of two committees Ttulan task of conducting a comprehensive survey of real estate State and the Green Zone, pointing out that the measures will not exclude any party will include everyone among them officials who are no longer required for them busy these properties. He noted the government official that the aim of the formation of committees is the completion of a private evaluation reports during specific time and reimbursement rent arrears owed ​​by some parties and to ensure the implementation of decisions and laws on the sale and lease of state property where these committees will begin recovering property that has been seized outside controls.