The emergence of a second wife of Chalabi claims that a very serious documents in its possession overthrow large warheads in Iraq

​ In a striking development emerged second wife of the President of the Iraqi National Congress, who died in mysterious circumstances a few days ago still replace a tug of war between the political blocs, while sources close to pointed out, that "the second wife called nights Orontes , important documents and dangerous overthrow large warheads in Iraq, "according to the plan. The agency sources, that "Ahmad Chalabi secretly married during his time in Jordan to a Lebanese woman called, nights Orontes, from the family of the Orontes rich displaced from Armth village in Lebanon and the father of prominent businessmen and longer and has many shares and real estate in Lebanon and Dubai," arguing to, "The nights Asi confirmed that Chalabi told her earlier that if it happened to him any harm, it should hand over the documents in its possession with tapes to CD Massoud Barzani, President of Kurdistan." Mentions that both houses light of Chalabi been mounted at one time, the first held by the family of his second wife, nights Orontes, in Sheikh Hassan Khaled hall at the Imam Ali mosque, in New Road area in the Lebanese capital Beirut, while the second board has set up his first wife Leila Osseiran at the Conference Palace in the presence of his brother Talal Chalabi, a large number of officials in the absence of the former prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki. "
It was placed source, had revealed earlier, that "the head of the Iraqi National Congress and head of the parliamentary finance committee of the late Ahmad Chalabi, ladder Supreme religious authority in Najaf large file corruption before the day of his death."

The source continued, according to the Middle East newspaper, said that "Chalabi Amnlk information on the personalities and the forces of the countries involved in the looting of Iraq, including the foreign currency auction at the Central Bank Alaraca,, prompting Chalabi to be cautious in his movements and his dealings in recent times", noting that "the delivery Chalabi's Supreme reference is an effort to inform them of the size of the rampant corruption in the country, "according to the source expression.

It is said that "the leader of the Iraqi National Congress, Ahmed Chalabi, MP, was buried in the cemetery next to the shrine of Imam Musa Bin Jaafar al-Kadhim (AS), last Friday, in the city of Kadhimiya, north of Baghdad, after obtaining the consent of his family, a prominent religious references.

Chalabi was the most prominent supporters of the US war in Iraq in 2003, and sought to persuade the US administration this step, described by some media and political circles as the "US invasion of Iraq engineer."