Kurdistan: We will not put our oil under the control of Baghdad and solve the problems of oil and gas legislation

MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Ardalan Noureddine, Sunday, that the oil region was placed under the control of the center did not specify by the Iraqi constitution, noting that this decision is against the law.
Noureddine said L / scales News /, that "there are a lot of differences in the constitutional texts," adding that he "does not have a legal provision governing the oil region was placed under the control of the center".
He added that "oil and gas law is the only processor to this crisis, in the case of approval," explaining that the oil revenues will be introduced under the law, this right for all. " This confirmed a number of MPs, that "the federal government is committed to the agreement oil signed between Baghdad and Erbil, the presidency of the region are trying to repeatedly put pressure on the government to achieve especially on the interests of Iraq and its people account political and economic gains through the scenario to create crises and, most recently an attempt Oil individually sale ".

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