One of the documents that reveal the corruption Almahj Exchange Company, which comes within the file prepared by the corruption of the late Ahmad Chalabi

Long published a new series of corruption prepared by Chalabi file and was on the verge of announcing before his death Continue (range) to reveal the files that had intended the late National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi exposed to public opinion on cases of corruption in government institutions, to present day, a new file for a money transfer companies that deal with the central bank but is not registered in the Ministry of Commerce.
The file appears that the company (Almahj Exchange) dealing with the Central Bank of Iraq as the Exchange Company, but basically for financial conversion company, and marks the late Chalabi in the books of several sent by the Central Bank of the corruption within the company, which claims relate to company Exchange Jordanian deal, and show those details as Ward below ..
Almahj company financial convertible
In 05.24.2015 Finance Committee drew in the House of Representatives to the Central Bank of Iraq book number 425 signed the Chairman of the Committee of the late MP Ahmad Chalabi requesting the bank to provide the Committee to reveal the account for "Almahj Exchange Company", an individual bank in the book number 9/3 / 10582 dated 05/07/2015 which stated that the bank had not been granted leave to work the sale and purchase of foreign company exchange currency on behalf of (Almahj Exchange Company), but the company money transfer on behalf of (Almahj company financial convertible), and the Bank addressed this company to provide him to reveal the account with the narrator company Exchange of Jordan for the period from 01/01/2014 until 12/31/2014, although the company (financial Almahj convertible) has provided the Bank of Jordan narrator book, containing the company that there is no activity or deal between the two companies over the period mentioned.
On 08.20.2015 the Finance Committee and sent to the Central Bank of book number 533 refers to the bank book containing the lack of activity between the narrator Company and financial Almahj convertible, and provides a schedule transfers Almahj company to company narrator.
He says the book Committee "This information is derived from Huda bank account movement of the Jordanian Housing Bank, and this information is installed date and time includes remittances received from the Housing Bank of correspondent in America prove the date and time of arrival of the transfer," adds book Committee to the Central Bank said, "and this causes causes us to doubt the validity of the book facility narrator company herewith ", and suggests a book of the Finance Committee on the central bank" confirm this information from the Housing Bank in Amman, "he adds," may be with you to another way by analyzing Hawwalatkm to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Huda carried out at the request of a bank in your records and the dates mentioned. "
Shows conversions table invalidity of what came in the book the narrator Exchange Company (to whom it may concern), dated 06/23/2015, "the lack of any activity or transaction" with Almahj company financial convertible during the entire 2014 year, The agenda transfers this prepared by the Committee Finance, dated 03/08/2015 shows that Almahj company financial convertible that have account in Erbil Bank in Baghdad number (0010546282840) have turned a total of 547 million and 395 thousand US dollars for the benefit of the narrator company banking accounts with the Jordanian Housing Bank during the period from 8 / 1/2014 to 09/14/2014.
On 09.13.2015 the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives and sent to the Ministry of Commerce / Registrar of Companies book number 670 signed the Chairman of the Committee of the late MP Ahmad Chalabi, the information about six companies financial convertible, Department / Department of joint-stock companies and received the Book number 22081 and the date of 5 requests / 10/2015 included information on five companies, including the company's financial Almahj convertible, the company's sixth, a (Oasis Valley company), "it is our registered," according to the book.
Attachments: Table transfers Almahj company financial Switch to the narrator banking company through a bank in Baghdad, Erbil and the Housing Bank of Jordan in Amman.