The Minister of Industry is to provide three billion dollars a year on the state

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - The promise of the Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji, Sunday, to provide three billion dollars annually to the state through the implementation of the project to establish isolation units oil, and as pointed out that one of the ministry's companies in the process of negotiating to direct the work of rehabilitation of the refinery of Baiji, pointed to a resumption of the project of processing waste oils after stop It lasted two years.

And the transfer of the Media Centre of the political body of the Sadrist movement Darraji as saying that "the General Company for the design and implementation of projects resumed the project of processing waste oils by cadres Company Inc. (Larry Artem) Turkish after two years hiatus", stressing that it "is an important environmental projects in the country." .

Darraji said that "the treatment of waste oils project includes the construction of the three units, one in the province of Maysan and two in the province of Baghdad to the General Company for Vegetable Oil Industry", pointing out that "the proportion of the overall achievement of the project amounted to 75%, it is hoped the direct run the project during the first half of 2016, and the total cost of the project amounted to nine billion dinars."

He pointed out that "the company has carried out numerous refineries in Iraq, the only considers that designed and implemented and processed oil projects in all the provinces, which are in the process of implementing a project set up isolation units working on the inside crude oil processing refinery in favor of the Ministry of Electricity," noting that "these units to be created in Musayyib power plant and is working to increase the efficiency of the stations through oil extraction material lions of crude oil by 75% after it was drawn by 50% and is throwing the remaining waste, either of these units is working to draw kerosene mixed of articles are extracted, in addition to oil Black, which will provide nearly three billion dollars a year."

Darraji said that "the General Company for design and implementation of projects in negotiating directly work rehabilitation of the Baiji refinery developed, as the only company that has its own Palmcefy charts after it was burning the charts in the refinery, in addition to being owned engineering and technical staffs of experienced and competent to carry out rehabilitation".

"After the signing of the Oil Ministry signed a contract with the company (Techno Export) Czech to expand the South Refineries, the Czech company has the assignment of business for the General Company for design and implementation of projects, and will start the company staff to do by first business of creating the site as a first stage to be direct Macs Other Beyond".

He pointed out that "the company and its cadres specialized seeking to expand the private oil projects its business activity through the implementation of oil projects outside the country", explaining that "the General Company for design and implementation of projects specialized implementation of the oil and electric projects and infrastructure projects through the high expertise of specialized cadres in their areas of specialization , and is an important and basic companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals due to its privacy in the implementation of engineering and infrastructure projects."