Abadi meet references and al-Jubouri meet with tribes in separate trips to Najaf

Najaf - Saadoun al-Jabri - Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi visited Saturday the province of Najaf, where he met with senior religious authorities with the exception of the highest religious authority Ali al-Sistani, in addition to the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and Najaf's governor and head of the provincial council and council members to discuss the latest political, security and economic developments in the country, while the tour coincided visit of the President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri of the province where he met with tribal elders, stressing that the (Iraqi tribes are basically in the completion of the national reconciliation process).

A reporter for the (time) in Najaf (Abadi, upon his arrival to the conservative religious Repertory Ishaq al-Fayad met, then met the certification Mohammed Saeed al-Hakim, to discuss the challenges of economic and financial and what it requires of the plans, strategies and situation and cooperation between everyone to cross the financial crisis and the revitalization and reform of industrial, commercial, agricultural and health sectors) , adding that the (Abadi also met Repertory Bashir al-Najafi, where they reviewed the political and security developments and victories on Daash).

Abadi did not meet Sistani who has two years ago not to interview any senior government official expression of dissatisfaction with the government's performance. The visit program of the meeting included the chest where visited Abadi at his home Balhananh before holding a press conference confirmed through Abadi was confident the cooperation of all parties to unite against Daash, saying (I have confidence in the cooperation of all parties to unite against Daash and danger in Iraq), calling (all politicians and MPs to stand with the security forces and the popular crowd) He explained that (the meeting with al-Sadr is to strengthen this relationship and pushed Iraq to the forward), adding that (we have significant challenges such as Daash). For his part, described his meeting with al-Sadr Balebadi b (fruitful), and that he found it significant reform of all security and economic aspects, and expressed his hope that the (leading the reforms launched by the government towards the country's development and stability).

A statement from the prime minister, said al-Abadi visited al-Sadr to discuss the developments in the political, security, economic and financial conditions and victories achieved on Daash, and to discuss a number of topics related to the challenges and find solutions to them to serve the interests of the people.

The Abadi had met before that the Governor of Najaf Luay al-Yassiri and members of the provincial council to discuss the two files service and security, also visited the shrine of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib before returning to Bgdad.ouchehdt Najaf yesterday visit Jubouri followed the arrival of al-Abadi to the province in which tribal elders met at the invitation of its destination him. He said al-Jubouri during a tribal conference to maintain that (Iraqi tribes are basically in the completion of the national reconciliation process), saying that the (Iraq will remain united no matter how hard enemies divided or Tafrgueth, Iraqi tribes was, is and will remain the foundation of the completion of the national reconciliation process), adding that the ( the issue of reforms demanded by the Iraqi people and went for it still represents our first concern in the House of Representatives and we are keen to enforce and assist the government in accelerating apply).

He added that (our commitment to these reforms as much as keen on the timing and the constitutional track and we continue to call on everyone to support and support are disciplined as was agreed upon in accordance with the law and the Constitution), pointing out that (our focus on the adoption of the Constitution a provision in each step reflects our commitment to maintain the importance of the political process which we move him and supported him and supported him and today we reaffirm the need to speed up the clinching response to the demands of the people). Come and visit Abadi al-Jubouri, one day after the claim of the religious authority during his Friday sermon the legislature not to Alaltvaq reforms on the pretext of taking into account the Constitution, pointing out that the reforms taken by the executive branch, which did not affect the essence of the most necessary reform.