The Governor of Anbar: no participation of Americans in combat ground clearance grey

The Governor of Anbar denied suhaib Al-Rawi, on Saturday, the participation of us ground forces in Anbar, cleared Ramadi, (110 km) West of Baghdad, referring to the limited duty of advice and training, the participation of any external force from the jurisdiction of the Central Government in Baghdad. The narrator said in an interview with the (range), that "there is no involvement of us ground troops on the ground in Anbar cities of clearing elements organize daash", stating that "the role of us forces in the province are limited to training and consultancy for tribal fighters and security forces". The narrator said, "the role of us troops involved with the international coalition forces in airstrikes had a great role in the pounding and elements which contributed to the progress of Iraqi security forces in the battles of cleansing", stressing that "the question of the participation of any foreign force in Anbar is cleansing from the jurisdiction of the Central Government in Baghdad". In the meantime, Student Council spend Khalidiya Anbar province Saturday, security leaders the need to cleanse the gzerhalkhaldet, Eastern gray, (110 kilometers) West of Baghdad, to ensure the safety of residents of pounding, daash planning confirmed that the organization uses this island as a springboard to perpetrate against military units.

The head of the Khalidiya Judiciary Council Dawood told (range), that "the security situation in the Kaza of Khalidiya, (20 km east of grey), stable but still shelling by organizing continuing city daash area Khalidiya Island controlled by management, with an area of 2 km that we call more than once the security forces need to storm and disinfected". David said, "the security forces are ready and willing to cleanse the island of Khalidiya which include Bo Shehab and situated along the Euphrates River and the importance of terror gangs will ensure safety of Khalidiya and her family from bombardment by the Organization", stating that "the organization used the island as a springboard to execute attacks against military units also shelled areas eliminate rockets and mortars".
Meanwhile, officials in the island and command operations, said Saturday that nine "suicide bombers" of elements regulating daash, killed by security forces to attack Western Anbar, while noting that the process injuring 11 troops from the island. The source said, speaking to the (term), "joint force peninsula desert fighters and clan fighters, repelled an attack by a number of elements regulating daash, including suicide bombers, targeting lines in the village of albu lives of modern Western Anbar". The source added that "the organization use the rockets (spg9), thermal bomber", stating that "force managed to thwart the attack and killed nine bombers each travelling wheels exploded and others wearing explosive belts".