Shabandar reveals the preliminary results of the body Chalabi

Baghdad scales News - Independent political detect Izzat Shahbandar, Saturday, preliminary results from a medical examination of the body of MP Ahmad Chalabi, who died last Tuesday.

Shabandar said in his page on the social networking site and I followed / scales News /, he "announced preliminary results of the examination conducted by a group of Iraqi and foreign doctors in Baghdad, Chalabi and the body of the deceased to the effect that the death was the result of a heart attack."

He added that the "natural death and there is no indication of possible physical assassination."

He died National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi, last Tuesday, after a heart attack at his home in the capital Baghdad at the age of 70 years.
And forks raised about the possibility of physically assassinate him, especially after his meeting the night of his death, political figures and brought his family to specialized doctors in order to uncover the reasons for the autopsy and the Vath.anthy / 29 / d 24