Ministry Traqnsportation Press Releases

Zubaidi follow-up ... the Ministry of Transport to regain the land belonging to the company Iraqi railways

Great efforts of Mr. Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi with the excesses of the Committee was able to restore the General Company for Iraqi railway iron, which was operated by the General Directorate of Traffic ground (Interrupt 3 Waziriya shadows) Directorate ....
In the presence of Chairman of the Committee and a number of its members under the supervision of Mr. Director General of Administrative and Financial Department of the Ministry, who signed the minutes of the receipt of this land has been conducting all related procedures and secured a number of special guards of the police emergency.
This is noteworthy that this land will be allocated for the construction of a residential complex for employees of the Ministry of Transport to contribute to the support staff to secure decent housing for them.

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