Chalabi recently followed up on a huge corruption in Iraq files

Informed political sources revealed the Iraqi political establishment of the late Ahmad Chalabi's recent "follow-up huge corrupted files and approached the task of international organizations for investigation," adding that "Chalabi focused its efforts in recent months to open a huge corrupted files and other surrounded by suspicions of corruption relating to banks Iraqi figures senior political involved money laundering. "

The sources told the newspaper" the future "that" Chalabi embarked recently on the preparation of many files related to corruption figures and facts concerning the state and mafia figures around the world are investing mostly in the Iraqi central bank funds ", noting that" those files relating to also the trade in drugs and weapons around the world. "The sources pointed out that" the Chairman of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament has finally internationalize the issue of corruption in Iraq through contact with a number of parties important international organizations, including the US Federal Reserve, "pointing out that" Chalabi was taken to the Federal US documents relating to the issues of corruption and laundering the currency was the start of the US Federal Reserve investigations the policies of the Central Bank of Iraq a few days ago one of the fruits of the Iraqi political move late. "

The sources said that" Chalabi handed over the presidency of the Iraqi parliament important files on issues where suspicions of corruption affecting the figures were close to the head Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and even Maliki himself and demanded to transfer to the Integrity Commission and the Iraqi judiciary for the purpose of opening an investigation with those involved the smuggling of currency and money laundering, "asserting that" the Iraqi politician late he enjoyed a very bad relationship with the ruling Dawa Party, and especially with its leader Nuri al-Maliki and MPs close to him in the Iraqi parliament. "