Alaqsadah parliamentary calls for the activation of religious tourism and stresses: imports more oil

BAGHDAD / .. stressed the parliamentary Economic Committee, Thursday, on the necessity of activating and exploitation of religious tourism in the country to increase imports Iraq. The committee member said Harith al-Harthy's "Eye Iraq News" on "the Iraqi government to exploit religious tourism to supplement Iraq's imports of Finance, especially in the seasons of the visit like a month Muharram there will be plenty of interest by foreign visitors to Karbala and Najaf," explaining that "if Tflt religious tourism in well, the more imports of oil imports. " Al-Harthy called on "citizens and the media and the House of Representatives and the government to activate the religious tourism from its all to face the economic crisis taking place in Iraq." The Foreign Ministry denied on Thursday, the abolition of granting entry visa to Iranian visitors or other feature fees. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, earlier, (p) decided to keep the entry visa for visitors from abroad to perform visit the death of Imam Hussein, the price of a visa. "