Deuty for the rule of law: balancing the popular crowd red line

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - MP warned a coalition of law full Nasser al-Zaidi, Friday, of compromising the popular financial allocations for the crowd, the crowd, saying the budget "a red line".

He said al-Zaidi said in a statement received Alsumaria News copy of it, "to maintain the balance popular crowd and provide its needs will increase the momentum of the battles in the fronts in favor of the popular crowd forces, as well as Sancef sacrifices made ​​by these forces in the defense of Iraq from the threat of terrorism and the protection of holy places."

He added that the "allowances popular crowd a red line that must not be compromised as a guarantor of the increase in the movement and progress of these forces on the battlefields and the liberalization of land usurped," stressing that "we in the House of Representatives will work that takes the heroes of the popular crowd stationed on the battlefield all their rights enshrined in the law. "

Zaidi and stressed "the need to be popular crowd and security forces allocations cover all military and logistical needs in its war against terror Daash gangs."

A spokesman for the Authority crowd the popular MP Ahmad al-Asadi criticized, on Thursday, weakness allocated popular mobilization of financial allocations in the budget year 2016, pointing to the crowd that the budget does not meet the minimal needs.