Saudi newspaper: Abadi reeling with signs of a split in the coalition of al-Maliki

Twilight News Saudi newspaper Friday / reported that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is reeling politically after signs of a split in the coalition of state law, led by Nuri al-Maliki.

The newspaper "Okaz" Saudi Arabia parliamentary unnamed sources that the movements within the "State of Law" bloc heavyweights in the Parliament and the National Alliance suggest signs of "split" within the coalition in the wake of the wing Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with the Supreme Council and the Sadrists coordination with sticks to ward Nuri al-Maliki bloc Badr.

The sources, according to the newspaper reported that more than half the members of the rule of law stand alongside Abadi, what reduces the space that moves the al-Maliki.

She pointed out that al-Abadi in front of difficult choices: either to remain part of the state law that restrict his movements or be forced to divide the state of law in cooperation with a number of rebel MPs on the reality of the quota system and a group of the People's elites.