Maliki met the #US ambassador. Read More :
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Thread: Maliki met the #US ambassador. Read More :

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    Maliki met the #US ambassador & VP Position

    Obviously we need more confirmation but this "Hayder" Iraqi I've seen interviewed on TV before over there early on in Iraq at the beginning of the protests:

    Hayder Al-Shakeرi
    Working on Development, Youth, Internet Freedom, Humanitarian Issues and Citizen Journalism. Tweets بالعربي and in English. #Iraq Gmail: haydersh20

    Photo Haidar Sumeri ‏@IraqiSecurity Nov 3

    Maliki met the #US ambassador.
    Hadi Al-'Amiri met the #UK amb.
    Sheikh Qais Al-Khaz'ali met the UN envoy.

    Hayder Al-Shakeرi ‏@HayderSH Nov 2
    The three vice presidents are still in their positions by a legislative order. PM @HaiderAlAbadi's did not do the trick. #Iraq

    Hayder Al-Shakeرi ‏@HayderSH Nov 2
    The Supreme Court in #Iraq stated that it did not release any decisions regarding Vice President positions in Iraq. #Baghdad

    Hayder Al-Shakeرi ‏@HayderSH Nov 2
    One of the protest"representatives"talks about the failure of Abadi's reforms and calls for bigger protests. #Iraq
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