Minister of Trade and agency announces the launch of the electronic food card project

Twilight News / Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday it was working with a ministerial committee on the draft set an electronic food card to reduce the time and reduce the incidence of fraud and corruption witnessed this file. The Minister of Trade Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese in a statement, said that the ration card of the important files that occupy the state file and the many problems related to the financial assignments and imports and contracts in addition to the existence of cases of corruption and manipulation of many of the joints and the stages of the arrival of vocabulary ration card starting from contracts and the end of the arrival of the material through transportation and agent. He said the government had formed a committee to reform the order Diwani ration card system and that the ministry has taken it upon themselves to prepare a draft for electronic food card, which will be tested during the current month in hand Alhaidariya in Najaf as a prototype to demonstrate the extent of the success of this project. He noted that the project developed in the early stages of work, which if successful will be circulated to other provinces being will contribute to reduce the administrative routine and reduces excess episodes that would delay the processing or distribution ration vocabulary.