Exhibition Pavilion in Baghdad .. automobile trading company that sells cash and installment

BAGHDAD / JD / .. General Company for Car Trade of the Ministry of Commerce announced omitted cars with cash and installment in the private wing in the Baghdad International Fair. The company said in a statement received / JD / copy of it, she participated pavilion includes a number of international companies to the automotive industry as well as Offers tempting to sell cars in accordance with the cash sales and installment system. According to the statement: the company's suite includes a large number of production cars and equipment specialist that serve the current situation in Iraq was under the loss of large amounts of rain. The statement noted that the company's stand in Baghdad gallery full of large quantities and qualities different cars saloon cars productivity pregnancy, stressing that the participation this year a large number of international companies that have contracts Tnaah with them as well as the presentation of the equipment specialized in the field of cars, power generators, which the company is selling the public and private sectors
and the statement noted that the exhibition witnessed this year offer for sedan some of which produce Iraqis and this comes in the framework of the interests of national industries and there is an agreement with the General Company for the automotive industry to produce a national car type deer and Euphrates and Sawa and iridescent good and ur He attended and these cars will enter the Iraqi market, the new Iraqi names
The statement said that the wing is currently witnessing selling sedans in installments after to pay 10% of the value of the total amount and provide sponsor guarantor of state employees.