Economist: government to sell state funds to plug the deficit

Baghdad and babysit -said economic expert Safwan Qusay, oil prices declined in the current period is expected to last until 2016, has been taking into consideration to determine oil prices as the price of a barrel to more than $ 45. And between Qusay in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Thursday, "The 2016 budget included a clause saying that the emergency reserve could be financed by oil prices, if it exceeds US $ 45 a barrel," pointing out that "included budget also finance projects lagging because of low oil prices through this reserve if the increased oil prices. " He said Qusay that "the proposed budget of 2016 did not take into account their ability to sell a portion of state funds to cover the deficit," adding that "the government's introduction of a range of new proposals to the budget by selling part of the state funds a private residential lands that could attract savings citizens and move from reconstruction and construction, ".