British newspaper: Americans were not able to control al-Chalabi , he wasn’t loved by them
Thursday, 05 November 2015

Shafaq News / The Independent newspaper said in its edition published an article today written by Patrick Cockburn entitled "The man who invited America to invade Iraq".

The writer of the article said that "some may prescribe Ahmad al-Chalabi that he was a corrupt activist who did everything to overthrow the former Iraqi President ,Saddam Hussein."

"They accused him of being responsible for the invasion of Iraq disastrous in 2003," he added. " Ahmed Chalabi, who died of a heart attack in Baghdad on Tuesday aged 71, was one of the ablest, most maligned and misunderstood figures to play a central role in the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the shaping of modern Iraq," he added.

" Chalabi was a man of the highest intelligence and mental agility, who attracted many friends and allies, but also many enemies. These were very diverse and ranged from Saddam Hussein to the CIA and the British Foreign Office, all of whom denounced him furiously," Patrick Cockburn said.

A diplomat in Baghdad once told the writer : “I think that Chalabi is pure evil,” before going on to laud an Iraqi politician of notorious incompetence and corruption as the potential saviour of his country.

People always had strong opinions about Chalabi because he had a personality that nobody could ignore and because he was undoubtedly effective. He spent much of his life in a relentless campaign to overthrow Saddam Hussein .

He concluded by saying that "the Americans have not been able to control al- Chalabi, he was not loved by many of them."