Islamic group demanding the return of" change "and the Union of Islamic poses three options

Twilight News / confirmed Amir JI Kurdish Ali Baپar, on Thursday, that in order to address the crises of the Kurdistan Region must re-President of the Kurdistan Parliament and the Ministers of the MDC to the office as soon as, while noting the Secretary General of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan Muhammad Faraj said the government promised improved economic situation If independently it has been selling oil, but the late payment of salaries has increased from three to four months.

Ali said Baپar in a speech during the meeting held in Arbil Middle East, "Mary" conference that in order to ease the situation in the region must stop mutual between the political parties, media campaigns, noting that the resolution of crises afflicting the region requires a re-speaker of parliament and ministers change four to office to perform their duties.

For his part, Secretary AAN Union Aslami Muhammad Faraj said in his speech at the same conference that the government promised improved economic situation in the region if the Kurdistan oil independently sale, adding that the late payment of salaries became four months after it was in the past three months.

He said Faraj said that there are three now, the first two options is the acceptance paralyzed the legislative and executive institutions Almtoagaftin currently the second is to dissolve the government and the organization of early elections with the continued work of the government and current parliament, which confirmed the statement of change and democratic, and the third is to return to the negotiating table and solve problems.