Sabri: the formation of specialized committees to put the law of the allocations for the united staff

​The official spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi said that the new salary scale will raise the entry of lower grade staff through the restoration of peace distributed more fairly than the previous, with the detection of the formation of specialized committees in order to put the law of the allocations in accordance with the system unites allocations between the personnel of all ministries and institutions -governmental organizations. Sabri said in a press statement seen by agency Aguetsana news that the aim of the new salary scale, passed by the Council of Ministers is to reduce the disparity between the salaries of employees, pointing out that the reform package included a provision for a new system of salaries through which the reform of the system in terms of nominal salaries and allowances and to reduce the disparity between the lower and higher up the career ladder and to reduce disparities among employees in different degrees.
I take it Hadithi government decisions and procedures for the implementation of the reforms is not in contradiction with the constitutional powers (legislative and regulatory) of the Parliament which is the subject of respect and a commitment by the executive branch, returned the decision issued by the Recently the House of Representatives is a further confirmation of the government's support to push reforms.