Austerity caused a halt many of the plants and factories Maysan

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Maysan province, Jawad Rahim, on Wednesday, stopped sugar production plants and plastics, oil production and a number of other projects in the province due to the financial crisis experienced by the country. Rahim said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy news that "many of the plants and important projects in the province and affiliated to the Ministry of Industry have stopped because of the financial crisis experienced by the country due to austerity budget after a drop in oil prices," noting that "the province discussed the matter with the Minister for the purpose of asking laboratories to invest. " He said Deputy Prime Maysan province, said that "the cause of most of the investment projects fail due to the lack of a successful environment and the market for the disposal of products to those plants, despite their quality," calling on the government to "make decisions to force the Iraqi market to import domestic product or prevent the import of goods for which there is a similar product in the country to encourage investment. "