Construction is nearing completion of Mahaweel project in Babylon

Said Tariq Kikhany Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Municipalities, said Wednesday that the ministry is nearing completion of Mahaweel water project in the province of Babylon. The minister said in a statement followed the agency of our economy news, said that "of the Userh General Water Directorate and through the water of Babylon Department is nearing completion of Mahaweel project in the province of Babylon by the completion of more than 85% production capacity amounted to 10,000 m3 / h connote 282 000 people in total design capacity of the project after 25 years 492 000 inhabitants. " He added that "This project is an important and strategic projects in that it serves the people of the elimination of Mahaweel, mainly as well as the northern side of the center of Babylon (Hilla), which was lacking potable water, and the cost of the project amounted to 100 billion dinars," stressing that "work is continuing from in order to accomplish as soon as possible and according to the technical specifications required to be in the service people of the province. "