Shabandar smile Maliki, "the petition" funeral Chalabi: inappropriate from naive inexpert

Twilight News / attacked a writer and thinker known Ghaleb Hassan Shabandar, former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki after the spread of a picture of him smiling during the funeral of MP Ahmad Chalabi, pointing out Anh- al-Maliki "is naive dexterous."
Frequently attack Shabandar the ruling political class and lead by officials of the Dawa Party, led by al-Maliki.
And highlighted one of the private officials who Haawa Chalabi, leader of the Dawa party of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki smiling snapshots Speaking with someone.
Wrote Alhaabandr on his site Facebook, commenting on the smile-Maliki, "inappropriate, does not imply sadness, and far from fitness, calculated diplomatically, and the petition, not worthy of the Prime Minister, where he could not positions, which can not small positions, how can large positions , talking politically and diplomatically. "
He Shabandar in published, seen by Twilight News, "note I did not say it was a smile Chamt, but tell it smile man does not know the art of politics is not the art of dating does not work Arts, Maliki naive, not fluent permit good, not good at Fitness meeting, and did not Chalabi my word for prophet or an imam, but al-Maliki talked about the approach simple and primitive, and I still say Maliki is naive and dexterous. "
And increases "It was a smile inappropriate Never a never appeared, and that no difference between Maliki, a political veteran miracle worker and Ghalib Shabandar poor? Then this behavior commander sees his people hungry Grkan flood? Islamic or Islamist silly, and his heart stone, does not care Shi."