Council Baghdad: 50% of Baghdad soaked and losses in the billions

Baghdad-Vice President predicted delay Baghdad provincial Council Atwan alatwani repeat flooding in Baghdad in the coming days if rain fell, returned to action taken by the Committee of Ministers will not be sufficient.
Alatwani, criticized the lack of involvement of the provincial Council in meetings of the Ministerial Committee, stressing the need to involve the Council in those meetings to put dots on the letters, diagnose the problem and provide solutions.
He alatwani that nearly 50% of Baghdad still soaked with rain and some high water level reaches more than 30 cm, and the value of the damage caused by the rains billion dinars, because houses and destroying their contending and material losses suffered by markets as the beautiful market.
Alatwani, pointed out that the Council has not yet begun the process of assessing the damage caused by the sinking of many regions, there should be measures to compensate those affected by the financial situation of the country and austerity.