Maliki supported the withdrawal of "authorization" from the Government of Abadi and confirms: major countries seeking to divide Iraq

Scales News - Follow-up - It showed the leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, his support for the withdrawal of the parliamentary mandate from Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi accordance with the principle of separation of powers, and as he emphasized that there are major countries seeking to divide Iraq.

Maliki said in an exclusive interview with the channel "Russia Today", and followed up / scales News /, that "there are major countries seeking to divide Iraq, and that the fall of Mosul was a plot hatched by international and regional parties," stressing "the need to Kirkuk, back under central government authority".

Maliki said, "I have called on the government to invite Russia for strikes to Daash, there are those who oppose," he is pointing out that "Washington sensitive to the evolution of the Iraqi-Russian relations."

He said that "Russia has a genuine desire to eradicate terrorism in Syria and Iraq," noting that "Russia and Iran are two of the feet support for Iraq after the fall of Mosul, and Washington took the role of spectator after the invasion of Daash of Iraq, and was aware of the movements of terrorists."

And cross-Maliki expressed support for "step by Parliament to withdraw the mandate of Abadi, according to the principle of separation of powers", stressing at the same time that it "still retains his position as deputy president of the republic, and that the abolition of the post unconstitutional" .anthy 29/9 P