Iraq opened 11 offices in Iran for granting visa

The Foreign Ministry, announced Wednesday its intention to opening 11 offices in Iran to accommodate visitors on the occasion of the Iranians to honor Imam Hussein, stressed to facilitate procedures for obtaining "visa" through Iraqi embassies stationed in countries in the world, confirmed that the finance charges for visa "will remain and will not lift".
The Foreign Ministry said in a statement, received (range), a copy of it, "Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, presided over the meeting of the Joint Committee between the ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Interior of your Visa (Visa) for foreign visitors coming to visit to honor Imam Hussein, in the presence of Interior Minister Mohammad Yu".
The Foreign Ministry noted, "it will be in charge of opening 11 offices in cities across Iran, in addition to the four consulates located in Iran, to accommodate visitors, and facilitate obtaining visas (Visa)", stressing "the need for concerted effort in coordination with the Iranian side to reduce time of implementation agreements with the impending visit of moharamul Haram".