Construction and housing, municipalities hold a workshop on the mechanism of expensing the political chapter spreads

Iraq today/Sam Salman, the Ministry of construction and housing and municipal public workshop on Standardization of it calculating the differences separating the medical Cultural Center Hall in Basra in order to fill gaps and deficiencies resulting from a lack of understanding and interpretation of the law on this issue by some of the foundations and corporations which resulted in a large number not covered by the terms of this law affected by the policies of the former regime.
Where Zidane behind records department head job in the Legal Department of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, saying "our collect consists in the workshop of key provisions in each of the five axis explained in clear and detailed legal 24 and 25 relating to differences in political chapter and thankfully we held this workshop in a large number of ministries, including housing and construction workshop has achieved its objectives and that del Shi shows interest ministries this slide and the proper application of this law".
And about justice between employee and separated Zidane confirmed "that justice is available as soon as images between the employee and the political damage would be separated for separated political material, moral and physical got these concessions, the right to recruit from staff and peers there of returned to post random or mhabat but the result of injustice and tyranny of the former regime and therefore the right of the State to compensate for the serious damage".

An associate said administrative and legal Director in the Ministry of construction and housing Mohamed said Naji "that in order to develop efficient staff and lack of mistakes we asked the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to establish workshop graciously responded and blamed Mr. Zeidan Khalaf head of post in this workshop lecture and clarify those cases in the Ministry where it third session by the Ministry.
Happy pointed out "that has been explained in detail during the workshop with all the material contained in the 2005 24 legal and law 25 for 2008 for the chapter, including the subject of political differences in the political chapter and is a very important topic because there are differences in the calculation of the difference in calculation of differences and it was explained fully and completely. Also lectures through workshops that lead to the correct application and commitment so it will be justice and equality for all. "