Vice reveals for "information" new details about the death of Chalabi
Date: 05/11/2015 16:12

Information / special / ..

MP for the National Alliance Salim Chawki, on Thursday, some of the details concerning the death of MP Ahmad Chalabi, as pointed out that the initial statements indicate that his death is natural.

Said Shawki told / information / that "there are some reports suggested that Chalabi eating cm slow-acting after attending a banquet after receiving a call from one of the political figures," pointing out that "there is a reservation to the personal name, which has invited Chalabi to attend the banquet." .

He said Shawki (a deputy from the citizen Bloc) that "the anatomy of the funeral of MP Ahmad Chalabi took place in the holy city of Najaf because synchronized with the arrival of the doctors who have been summoned by the Chalabi family to uncover the truth of his death," adding that "leaks initial unconfirmed reports that the death Chalabi is a natural. "

He continued that "the agenda of the next meeting of the House of Representatives where the agenda will include the issue of the death of MP Ahmad Chalabi and discussed among council members to uncover the circumstances of the incident."

He died MP Ahmad Chalabi, last Tuesday in Baghdad of a heart attack, according to the rumors in the media. Finished / 25's